I love people with character and in a world where manufactured music is ever too common, it’s refreshing to meet real people making real music. The world is starting to see beyond plastic girl bands with no substance to their songs. Oh My! are who they are. Open, honest and upfront with the music and message to match. Meet Alex and Jade, wicked girls with out there personalities and a boot full of banter. Pop music just got cool again.

Tell us about your music…

Its cheeky, fun, banterish with attitude and girl power. Its quite straight to the point, we don’t mess around with the lyrics or worry that people are going to take it badly. We say it how it is. We want to tell a story and don’t like singing about nothing. You need something to connect with the audience so that people relate to it.

How did Oh My! come about?

We started out together driving down the motorway on our way back from university singing ‘Riding Solo’. We decided to name ourselves after β€˜Oops (Oh My)’ by Tweet ft. Missy Elliot as it was a song that we loved as we were growing up.

You guys were at dance college together. Dish the dirt on each other…

Jade – “One memory i have of Alex is her getting locked in the shower at an after show party after a few too many drinks. We left her in there and were taking pictures of her”
Alex – “If thats how we’re playing. Jade’s year went out for someone’s birthday and they all went out as Grandma’s and Grandad’s. Jade looked so funny. She had a split parting and talc in her hair. She looked like a proper Grandad with a hunch back and grey trousers. it was ace!”

Tell me about the parrot, what’s it’s name and how did it come about?
Alameda. The parrot was in our first video in Copenhagen. When we turned up for the shoot it was chilling there so it ended up being in our video. When we went into the schools, all of the children were asking what the parrot was called so we set up a competition on facebook for them to name him. In the end, we named it after one of our most memorable schools.

If you could be a parrot and fly anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Jade – “I’d go to Neverland because i like Disney”
Alex – “You live there anyway Jade! I’d go somewhere hot like Barbados because I love the sun”

Example’s your mentor and he’s writing tracks for you. What is it like working with him?

It’s good, it’s a lot of fun. We haven’t seen him in a while because he’s been really busy but we stay in touch. He text the other day to say that we were on point in our new video. The first time we met him was at the studio, we were quite boisterous and we bribed him with cakes. He came in with Topshop bags and we were checking through his clothes saying “Thats horrible. You can keep that” and that was it. From then on it was just banter. We have done about six tracks with him now, he’s really talented at writing girls songs. Every other song we have had of his has crying in it. We were like, “Example have you got a sensitive side? are you trying to reach out to us?”

There are lots of girl bands out at the moment. What makes you different?

We don’t hold back. We don’t just stand there looking pretty. We are raw and straight to the point. We have strong personalities and if we want to say something, we will just say it. In a lot of projects you have to do what you are told; ours is all 50/50 so unless we are happy with it, it doesn’t happen. Our music is completely different to what is out at the moment. It has a coolness but its still really poppy.

Who do you get your inspiration from?

The strong inspirational girl bands. Destiny’s Child, All Saints, The Spice Girls. Then Tinie Tempah, the beats of Katy B and the lyrics of Example.

Where is the weirdest place you have ever come up with a song lyric?

Alex – “I feel extra creative in the evening and if i think of something before i go to sleep then i am up all night”
Jade – “I normally come out with one liners when i am chatting to my friends, but its usually when i am insulting someone!”

What has been your best performance to date?

London Pride. We had a huge responsive audience and got them all jumping. We love to see a crowd moshing as apposed to standing around clicking to the music and looking pretty.

I think you’ll agree Oh My! rock. Make sure you check out their new single ‘Kicking and Screaming’ available for download right here, right now and remember, you met them here first!

By: Carly Wilford
Twitter: CarlyWIlford


It’s a really exciting time to be part of the music industry right now, especially with guys like Example slap bang in the middle of it. Pushing boundaries, breaking rules and making damn good tunes. After his recent number one smash with “Changed The Way You Kissed Me” Example is on a mission. Back to back festivals across the summer and a tour that is selling quicker than superinjunctions to footballers, we manage to chat to the main man himself.

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