Females in the Music Industry

Women in music is such a spoken about topic right now. Here is my opinion… So much love Ellie…

Ellie Lawrie

As a young girl, I never thought my gender would hold me back in anything I did. I was fearless; the only thing I was sure of is that I loved music. As I grew up I became more aware of ridiculous societal expectations, constantly being reminded about the importance of settling down with a nice husband, kids and an SUV big enough to cater for all of my motherly duties.  With the rise in social media over the last 10 years, feminism is becoming a widely discussed topic, especially among millennial’s, with many people turning to the internet to learn about the issue or to commend / criticize it. People are becoming more aware of the different issues women face across the world and though this discussion has benefitted many women, there is still a long way to go before equality can be reached.

The internet was recently set…

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