I made this video last year after I had been through a very sad time personally & extremely challenging time professionally.

After not knowing where to turn on the days when I felt terribly low, I decided that something needed to be done. Especially within the music & entertainment industries. So, over eighteen months ago, I started working on a well-being platform called a:live (@aliveandstill)

After months of research, I decided to pull on the strengths of the health & wellness worlds to create a community filled with solutions. A platform to lift you up on the days when life feels overwhelming, to remind us of the simple things that make us feel alive and to understand how to get to the root of anything that is making us unhappy.

For so many of us, our relationship with social media & technology is completely out of balance and our generation is struggling deeply because of it.

There was a master plan to roll this out in a more structured way with a PR strategy & my Management team but after everything that has happened in the last week, time can wait no longer.

I whole heartily believe that we need to come together right now, to hold out our hands to people when they need it and to open up when we know we need to talk. Let’s stop waiting until we’re broken to try & find a solution.

Welcome to a:live… a website, a community & a movement starting from today… www.aliveandstill.com 🎥 Jack Goodman

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