So… we decided to reimagine meditation. After spending time online so many of the meditations we came across felt dated and unrelatable. This was when @aliveandstill was born. So, I picked up the phone to @dark_e_r and we decided to get in to the studio. She created the soundscape and I wrote and voiced the track. We then spoke to @benkiibeku who created the graphics.

It’s taken time to build and the platform has become way bigger than I imagined at first. It was started initially to help musicians to find more balance but after launching in February, it seems there was a bigger plan in place. None of us could have predicted the scale of what lay ahead.

With twice as many adults in Britain reporting symptoms of depression compared with this time last year, we decided that something had to be done.

‘A Space to Breathe Meditation’ is the first in a series of guided meditations released at the beginning of every month and delivered direct to your inbox. Each track will teach you how to reconnect with your breath and encourage you to find ever important space in your day. 

It’s January and the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to reset and dedicate time and energy to connecting with something new. Now, light your favourite candle, connect your comfiest headphones, find a cosy corner and press play… 

Join the meditation drop & listen here: https://www.aliveandstill.com/home/soul-a-space-to-breathe-meditation

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