When I first started working in the music industry, as well as being a presenter I used to write about the artists, gigs and festivals I loved. One of the websites I wrote for was @datatransmission. Now, as a Producer, it makes it even more awesome to feature on their podcast. Huge love to @grahamefarmer & @shelley_dodds76

You can listen back here: https://datatransmission.co/podcasts/dt734-carly-wilford/

Working in music you meet some real diamonds along the way. People that not only work hard but are dedicated to bringing through new artists and backing their journey. @charlieteedj has cemented her position on @kissfresh by uncovering so many artists on today’s airwaves, not only that she’s a massively talented DJ, Producer and Presenter. 

Making my @kissfresh@kissfmuk mix debut tonight stepping in to her Feelings Mini Mix and have chosen the feeling ‘FREEDOM’

Listen in from 8pm at https://planetradio.co.uk/kiss-fresh/ or via the Kiss Kube app 🦋