…this summer, we shot a TV show. That week, Boris had stepped down as PM and the music industry was rebuilding after the longest shutdown it had known…

…paired with renegade @marcrebillet I got to show him the real London, the city where creativity collides with revolution and where so many musical genres have be born…

…developed by master minds @matt_marenyi@nghtmre@winterhalter_ alongside a world class team with @_david_casey_ at the helm, the show comes to @paramountplus on 13th December in the US and 14th December in the UK…

…feel so blessed to be able to share with the world the city I fell in love with, whilst working with the best production team possible and sharing this experience with people who have become friends for life… 

…can’t wait for you to see what we got up to 🇬🇧✨ 

So many memories made in Amsterdam every year where the electronic music world collides for @amsterdamdanceevent. A chance to listen to some of the best DJ’s & Producers in the world and catch up with the people that make the music industry so unique.

Usually running around the city streets right now in between panels but instead we are hosting conversations online with forward thinking voices from across the world of music.

Guiding conversations on the below panels this week:

21/10 2PM GMT: Fonty’s ACI presents: Future of Live Events (Now available online demand) 

22/10 1PM GMT: Fonty’s ACI presents: Smart Data Use by Artists

23/10 2PM GMT: Fonty’s ACI presents: Youth in COVID Times

Also, as a Producer I have jumped in to the world of sync, creating a piece of music for a film trailer this panel:

23/10 6PM GMT: So You Think You Can Sync!

ADE’s online programming is brilliant this year if you haven’t checked it out yet. Fingers crossed next year we can bump in to one another again at a dark, sold out warehouse rave… ⭐️

Amsterdam, let’s do this. Major week ahead at ADE hosting ADE University. Moderating the following panels at Generator Hostel:

Wednesday, October 16

11:45   ADE University Kick-Off Day One
15:00 What’s Next? with Disco Donnie and Dominic Furber
17:00 How Gen-Z Is Discovering Music Through Social Media

Thursday, October 17

11:45 ADE University Kick-Off Day Two
13:00 What’s Next? with James Bullock and Mickelle Heijmans
16:15 DGTL: From Amsterdam to the Globe

Friday, October 18

11:45 ADE University Kick-Off Day Three
12:00 Healthy Mind, Healthy Party?
14:45 What’s Next? with Nikki McNeill and Udaravi Widanapathirana

All information here: https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/en/artists-speakers/carly-wilford/17743/