We’re track of the week baaaabe @anelisa.lamola 🤍

Won’t ever stop getting hyped hearing this song on the radio. HUGE love to @bbcintroducing & @kerriecosh for supporting #WeRise on @bbcintroducingeast last night sounding sweeeeet on the airwaves 🦋

…18 months ago, I’d never made music before. On Friday I released my third track and it’s completely down to everything I learnt with @toolroomrecords at @toolroomacademy. Forever grateful, the team and tutors really are world class.

HUGE love to @djmarkknight for featuring #WeRise with @anelisavontease on this weeks ‘Hot Right Now’ on Toolroom Radio. It’s such a banging show. You can listen in my bio 🦋 📸 @riannacooper

In the middle of lockdown I created this track with an incredible friend of mine. We talked about what clubbing would feel like once the world started to move again. We reminisced about what it used to be before phones and social media became part of the dance floor. We were in the moment, there for each other, there for the music.

I feel so proud of this track, of the people who have made it possible and to the powerhouse vocals of @anelisavontease. I really believe that beautiful things can happen when things get tough & I hope that this can be one of them.

Can’t wait to play it next time we are in a rave together… to look out knowing that we made it through the last eighteen months and no matter what is thrown our way… we will rise again 🤍

‘We Rise’ comes out on @love__and__other on 17th September but you can pre-save now https://loveother.lnk.to/WeRiseLO

When I started to learn to make music I found it super challenging. Sitting still at my laptop for hours on end, getting to know my way around ableton and learning how to create the sounds I could hear in my head.

Having worked in the music industry surrounded by incredible musicians for a long time, I felt huge pressure to step up. I nearly scrapped what you now hear as ‘Generation X’ as I’d listened to it so many times that I felt completely over it… that was until @djmrv stepped on to it. Then, the first track I ever finished became my first release on @toolroomrecords.

When I hear it played on the radio now, I still have to take a moment. It reminds me that the tough stuff is worth it and there are no short cuts but the rewards on the other side are endless. 

Want to give THE biggest shout outs to these two renegades @djheidi & @jaguarworldwide for spinning ‘Generation X’ on the @bbcradio1dance weekend @bbcintroducing show. So much admiration and respect for both of you. Thank you 🌟 ICYMI • You can listen back here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000ykyt 🦋