Working in an industry fuelled by passion, often entailing long hours and high stress it’s hard to find a work-life balance and with a rise in burnout and mental health issues in our scene, how can we use this time to press the reset button and go back to a calmer and more balanced way of working.


With the clubs shut, the airwaves are our rave space. Collaborated with @edge_events to soundtrack the bank holiday weekend taking over their @datatransmission radio show tonight from 9-10pm GMT • Would love for you to join us • Listen in here: 🖤 📸 @jackgoodman

Our mate Ed Jackson is in the middle of climbing the equivalent of Everest in his house going up & down his stairs during lockdown. If you don’t know about Ed’s story, check it out, it’s majorly inspiring.

He’s nearly raised £30k for charity & to help him reach the summit we have got our DJ pals together & are all going to playing sets for him throughout the day today. The line up is strong & you can catch us on Facebook & IG live.

10AM: James Haskell – IG LIVE
12PM: Charlie Huw Davies – Facebook
3PM: Carly Wilford – IG LIVE
7.30PM: Rideout – Facebook