Joined Kate Carrau on the Shewolf Podcast recently to talk about life, work, fear, hating and musicians who are smashing the game right now. Listen in here:


Travelling to Iceland to play Secret Solstice Festival was a trip of a lifetime. A country that is still so naturally beautiful with expansive scenery and people with a true respect for the planet. If you have been to Iceland, you know and if you haven’t, now is your time… I also picked my five favourite things to do there. Have you been? What did you love?

Filmed & Edited by Jack Goodman:

Back at Apple this week interviewing Danny Baldwin. With bold formations, iconic styles, natural expressions: discover how to capture it all as part of Show Your #Pride. He’ll demo the process behind his striking shots, sharing his focus on line, shape and movement. Then pick up more pro tips as you get behind the lens in a live shoot, working your way around a model to capture flawless forms with iPhone. RSVP for free here: