In the middle of lockdown I created this track with an incredible friend of mine. We talked about what clubbing would feel like once the world started to move again. We reminisced about what it used to be before phones and social media became part of the dance floor. We were in the moment, there for each other, there for the music.

I feel so proud of this track, of the people who have made it possible and to the powerhouse vocals of @anelisavontease. I really believe that beautiful things can happen when things get tough & I hope that this can be one of them.

Can’t wait to play it next time we are in a rave together… to look out knowing that we made it through the last eighteen months and no matter what is thrown our way… we will rise again 🤍

‘We Rise’ comes out on @love__and__other on 17th September but you can pre-save now

When I started to learn to make music I found it super challenging. Sitting still at my laptop for hours on end, getting to know my way around ableton and learning how to create the sounds I could hear in my head.

Having worked in the music industry surrounded by incredible musicians for a long time, I felt huge pressure to step up. I nearly scrapped what you now hear as ‘Generation X’ as I’d listened to it so many times that I felt completely over it… that was until @djmrv stepped on to it. Then, the first track I ever finished became my first release on @toolroomrecords.

When I hear it played on the radio now, I still have to take a moment. It reminds me that the tough stuff is worth it and there are no short cuts but the rewards on the other side are endless. 

Want to give THE biggest shout outs to these two renegades @djheidi & @jaguarworldwide for spinning ‘Generation X’ on the @bbcradio1dance weekend @bbcintroducing show. So much admiration and respect for both of you. Thank you 🌟 ICYMI • You can listen back here: 🦋

We are living through a time where so much of what we say is recorded forever. Not just that, our opinions can be brought back up years later even when things have moved on or our views have changed. Because of that, I’ve always been really conscious of the things I speak about online… that’s until I was interviewed by the incredible @edjackson8

Someone who has overcome so much in his life with the odds stacked against him. Someone I respect dearly and also love seeing across a crowded dance floor. 

Ed completely disarmed me in this podcast and it’s the most honest I’ve ever been in an interview. Life isn’t always easy and actually, it’s not meant to be. It’s about how you decide to grow through the lessons that come your way and learning how to dig deep when things get tough.

The rest of his ‘It’s Good to Walk’ podcast series is filled with stories of people who have fought through so much to be here and have found new meaning in the things that really matter. 

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did recording it. Leaving my heart open from here… 

Listen to the full interview here: 🦋

Ed has a book coming soon and also runs an awesome charity @millimetres2mountains 🏔✨

“…and if the world stops turning then our love keeps burning evermore…” ✨

During lockdown, on Sunday nights, @maimaimusic and I would hang out on zoom and make beats. ‘Together For The Love’ was created during those sessions. Made for the dance floor, using music as a way to bring us all some much needed positivity and feel good vibes. 

So excited that it is released today to the world on @basementsoundrecords… 🌏🌟 

You can download, listen and share here: 🦋

From 12noon running late in to the evening, going to be hosting @toolroomacademy’s #WeAreListeninglive virtual event alongside @dancingastro! 🚀⁠⁠

Hosting a production workshop with @djmaxinne & interview with @nervomusic
Expect a day of back to back panels, interviews, a masterclass and DJ sets. Listen in to some of the industry’s most respected voices and brands, giving you real advice, help and tips on careers, how to get your music heard, how to get noticed, production and so much more. ⁠⁠
📅 WHEN: Thursday 8th April⁠⁠
⏰ TIME: 12PM BST ⁠⁠
🎥 WHERE: Toolroom & Dancing Astronaut Facebook.⁠⁠
See you then! ✨ 📸 @jackgoodman