Next week joining these legends alongside as part of their #IWD 3 part series championing women that are building businesses from the ground up. On a panel alongside @CiciCava @emeraldroselewis @djmadamx @jaguarworldwide & hosted by @hazelmarimba on ‘how to make playing pay’ RSVP for free here: #InternationalWomensDay 

With International Women’s Day next week, been super blessed to work with Apple x Beats by Dre x Sister Collective to co-curate a week long series of immersive workshops celebrating established trailblazers & emerging artists & creators.

Would be awesome for you to join us alongside Serine Karthage Fenn O’Meally Julie Adenuga he.she.they Phildell & more.

You can RSVP for Free here:…/collect…/made-by-women/coventgarden/

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