We are living through a time where so much of what we say is recorded forever. Not just that, our opinions can be brought back up years later even when things have moved on or our views have changed. Because of that, I’ve always been really conscious of the things I speak about online… that’s until I was interviewed by the incredible @edjackson8

Someone who has overcome so much in his life with the odds stacked against him. Someone I respect dearly and also love seeing across a crowded dance floor. 

Ed completely disarmed me in this podcast and it’s the most honest I’ve ever been in an interview. Life isn’t always easy and actually, it’s not meant to be. It’s about how you decide to grow through the lessons that come your way and learning how to dig deep when things get tough.

The rest of his ‘It’s Good to Walk’ podcast series is filled with stories of people who have fought through so much to be here and have found new meaning in the things that really matter. 

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did recording it. Leaving my heart open from here… 

Listen to the full interview here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2Ge4yi6Go3Of15UgmrOK3A?si=GY30myS5SySslc_LmHxtTA 🦋

Ed has a book coming soon and also runs an awesome charity @millimetres2mountains 🏔✨

“There are so few things in the world that truly connect us all and bring people together and music is one of them. It is one of the most important gifts we have as humans.” OKIEM

We continue our instagram live interview series this week with ’the secret to gentle living: soul’ with shesaid.so x A:live as I am joined by classical pianist, musician and composer Okiem. We are going to be speaking about the importance of music in times of uncertainty and how it can be used to heal before Okiem leads us in to a performance on the piano. Thursday, 6pm… see you there 🦋

the secret to gentle living: mind
Tomorrow we start a monthly Instagram live takeover with shesaid.so x A:live in the first of a three part series bringing together some of the most forward thinking minds in health & wellness. This week I am joined by the incredible Deborah Smith as we discuss happiness, how to develop resilience and how to grow through trauma.
Find us on Instagram from 6pm GMT 🤍

Have the biggest respect to everyone who is using this time to pivot what they do. Take Note Academy is going online & it launches this Monday. If you are wanting to get in to the music industry or expand on your knowledge & listen to some incredible minds, get involved.

Launching with a one week series of interviews in collaboration with Youth Music and LWE joining Emerald & Martha to host some invaluable conversations.

Mon Jul 06 – Fri Jul 10. Live every day at 5pm. Watch & sign up link below.

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